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'ADDA PROJECT' LLC provides comprehensive professional architectural and interior design solutions to clients seeking responsive and reliable facility planning and design services, as well as specialized expertise. We offer clients a full range of architectural design services, from conceptualization through construction.

We take a comprehensive approach to design, working from inception to completion to turn an architectural vision into reality.

We are dedicated to meeting our client’s business goals, while providing a unique and memorable experience, regardless of project size, scope or budget.

We provide a personalized approach to the client-designer relationship resulting in a truly collaborative and unique experience for every customer. We know that understanding a client's lifestyle is the key to creating a space where they feel relaxed, comfortable and at home. We get to know each client, and we take the time to listen and ask questions. We don't just create our vision; we create your vision...

Yours Faithfully,

ADDA Project Ltd

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