About Us

VF AzerCredit was initially created in 1996 to provide credit to ensure people can take control over their own lives and livelihoods. In 2002 VF AzerCredit was successfully registered as a Limited Liability Company and obtained Central Bank license in 2003.

VF AzerCredit mission is to provide financial services which have a positive impact on the lives of the poor. Recent VF AzerCredit effort in establishing Social Performance Management is a commitment of organization to support and implement the double bottom line.

The vision of VF AzerCredit is to assist people in developing a positive and self-sustainable lifestyle.

The primary objective of VF AzerCredit has always been to provide loan to those who are not able to access facilities through the conventional banking system.

VF AzerCredit currently operates 46 outlets in 40 districts, 22 of which are comparatively underserved rural areas.

Being an equal employment opportunity provider, VF AzerCredit employs more than 700 staff members, who are the main asset of the organization.

VF AzerCredit's leadership on Azerbaijan microfinance market and active improvement of internal systems creates a perfect environment for future development of the organization and expansion into many more rural and remote areas, which will be the focus of the organization for the coming years.

Business size

500+ employees

Commercial presence